I speak dance

hi im charisma but i wish I were beyonce




found a children’s book about butts today

welcome to my kingdom 

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2014 Disney Princess wedding gowns by Alfred Angelo!

Also, two additional dresses, one a Snow White dress with cape, and a Rapunzel dress with cape.

I simply love the new Cinderella one, simple but very elegant with just a little shine! And the overlay of Rapunzel’s dress is flawless. Who is your favorite?



Date a guy who opens your jars and wine bottles for you

"please. please stop opening all my jars and wine bottles. I’m not ready for them yet. you’re just letting it all go bad. my whole house smells like wine and pickles and I can’t live like this"

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the final step in this recipe didn’t say “enjoy!” so i threw my food in the trash

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"Ima need ur license and registration……and ur kik"

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